No to Arizona Copycat Laws


CIRC defeated 13 Anti-Immigrant Bills in the Colorado legislature


ya es hora


I co-directed the New York State table of this multi-layered national campaign led by NALEO. Ya es hora takes a comprehensive approach that links naturalization to voter participation and Census enumeration under a single message: “it’s time.”


Finding America


“Finding America: Dispatches on the New Immigrant Experience” A road trip from New York to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to highlight and document how the divisive immigration issues are playing out across America. The project team, equipped with van, laptops and video camera, made stops at 7 locations…


NYC Immigrant Advocacy Day 2009


1,500 immigrant New Yorkers marched from Battery Park to City Hall, followed by a rally and lobby visits in biggest advocacy day of 2009.


New Americans Exit Poll


I was the supervisor of the poll, working with Barnard College, Columbia University, and CUNY to recruit and supervise 200 pollsters and 70 data-entry personnel at 33 locations citywide.


Democracy in Action


In 2008 this was the largest and most successful non-partisan immigrant voter engagement campaign in New York State.


I Love Immigrant New York!


Designed the logo and helped create the communications strategy for this PR campaign.


Indiana Governor Mike Pence Wins April Fools Day with Religious Choice Law.

“We just can’t believe this worked,” said a jubilant Pence, “To think that in 2015 people would believe a law like that would pass in the Hoosier State is just crazy! What is this the dark ages?!”

According to sources in the Indiana GOP, Pence came up with this prank as a way of skewering the myth that Republicans are not funny.


Immigrants Vote!


One of the two campaigns I directed in the 2012 Electoral cycle, coming up with strategy, getting funding, hiring and managing staff, and directing all communications and field aspects of the campaign. In New York State, led oldest New American voter outreach campaign in the US, working with 10 groups in…


No ICE in Schools

No Ice in Schools _ice_meeting_980x300

Fourth most popular story of 2011 in the entire Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.